The Lowry name (an email from Colleen)

When I was in Liverpool a lot of people told me that Lowry was a common last name.  I asked my sister Colleen about the orgins of our Lowry ancestors. She responded with an email full of information. She gave so much great information that I felt like I should preserve it as a blog.

…so here is what she wrote in her email:

William Lowry came from Dumfries, Scotland and he settled in Virginia in the late 1600s.  He was married to Janet Anderson.  His Will in Virginia says that he was from the ‘Kingdom of Scotland’ and there also exists a parish record in Dumfries, Scotland of the marriage of William Lowry to Janet Anderson from around that time.

I’ve heard that there are alot of Lowry’s in England, but usually I’ve heard that most Lowry’s are Scottish, so I don’t know how the English Lowry’s fit into the Lowry Family Tree.

Maybe they came from Scotland originally?  and they settled in England?  – or there could be another explanation.

The idea of having last names didn’t really start until the late Middle Ages – I don’t know more precisely when it was – but I think maybe in the 1400’s or something like that.
Here’s some information about the Lowry surname:

There’s a wikipedia entry on the ‘Lowery’ name.  (Don’t be turned off by the ‘e’ in the Lowery name.  Lots of Lowry’s spelled it that way – or else they spelled it as ‘Lowrey.’  We could still be related to Lowry’s of those alternative spellings. They didn’t know how to spell their last names – even in the 1800’s.)

The Wikipedia entry:

‘Irish families of the Lowery, Lowry, or Lavery name descendfrom the O Labhradha, a sept of the province of Ulster anciently. Inthe later days they are found in County Down near Moira.
Three branches of the name are of record. that of Trin-Lavery (whichhas also been translated as Armstrong – from trean – meaning strong),that of Roe-Lavery, from rua meaning red, and from Baun-Lavery, from’ban’ meaning white.
These Irish families above have remained in the province of Ulsterinto modern times for they are found in counties Armagh, Antrim, andDown in the 1890 birth index. Laverty was located mainly in Ulster aswell at that time.
The ‘Lowry’ surname is also found in Ulster as a result of 17thcentury settlers arriving there from Scotland. Scottish families arefound here under the spelling of Laurie as well. The Earl Belmorefamily is recorded as arriving from Scotland at the time and settlingin County Tyrone, and he was said to be of the Laurie family ofMaxwelton.’

There were (and still are) Lowry’s in Ireland.  Many Lowry’s from Ireland also immigrated to America.  The author of the wikipedia article doesn’t mention much about the Lowry’s of Scotland except to say that some Lowry’s of Scotland were colonists in Northern Ireland in the 1600s (called the “Ulster plantation”).  But other writers believe that the Lowry’s actually originated in Scotland.

For example there is this information that provides more about the Lowry’s of Scotland:  (

“The Lowrys came from northern Ireland and certainly from Scotland before then……
The Lowry surname is also found in Ulster as a result of 17th century settlers arriving there from Scotland. Scottish families are found here under the spelling of Laurie as well. The Earl of Belmore family is recorded as arriving from Scotland at the time and settling in County Tyrone, and he was said to be of the Laurie family of Maxwelton. The Scottish people from Ulster are often referred to as ‘Scot-Irish’.
The first record of the name Laurie was found in Dumfriesshire [my note: in SCOTLAND] around 1000 AD where the archives record several spellings of the name.  Scribes and church officials spelt the name phonetically (from its sound) and thus we have the name variation found today. LAURIE, LAWRIE, LARRIE, LARRY, LAURY, LAWRY, LOWRIE and LOWRY are just some of the more commonly seen variations in Scotland and abroad. This was particularly true for the Laurie’s who moved to Ireland during the time of the Ulster Plantation of 1609, whose surnames through time changed to Lavery, Lowry and O’Lowry.
Clans from Scotland containing forms of the surname Lowry are GORDON (Septs include: Lawrie, Laurie) and MACLAREN (Septs include: Lawrie, Laurie, Lowery, Lowry).
Lowry (Lawrie and Lowrie) is an old Scottish name, for fox; it also means a crafty person.”


Another website says:  (

Signifies in Scotch a crafty person, or one who lowers, that is, contracts his brow; hence a ‘lowry day’–cloudy. Source: An Etymological Dictionary of Family and Christian Names With an Essay on their Derivation and Import; Arthur, William, M.A.; New York, NY: Sheldon, Blake, Bleeker & CO., 1857.


Another website says that the Lowry’s were of Scottish origin and that they can be found living in Scotland from ancient times, well before the 11th century.

As mentioned above, the Lowry’s of Scotland are usually associated with Clan Gordon or with Clan Maclaren.  There were ‘septs’ (branches) of both of these two clans that were called by the name of ‘Lawrie, Laurie, Lowery, Lowry.’


So, who can really say if the Lowry’s were originally from Ireland or originally from Scotland?  Maybe the Lowry’s in both of those areas took upon themselves the name ‘Lowry’ separately?  Maybe they aren’t even related?  Or maybe they are related somehow.  There was probably traffic and movement between Ireland and Scotland even before the settlement of of the Scottish settlers in northern Ireland in the 1600’s.
For example there is this short paragraph:  (

‘It should be remembered that the West Coast of Scotland has very many lochs and two belts of islands; the Inner and Outer Hebrides between the mainland of Scotland and Ireland.  It is only 21 miles at its nearest, and there was always the movement between the coasts of fishermen and some small-scale trading  In times of crisis, famine or war it was sometimes safer to move family and flocks to another safer and more attractive place.  Such escapes were often followed within a generation by a return to the original homeland once conditions had returned to normal.  As long ago as the 13 th century there had been the movement of ‘galloglass’ – mercenary soldiers, plying their trade in Ireland who were often paid by giving a plot of land.  So there was a Scottish presence which was enhanced considerably when John Mor MacDonnell, Lord of the Isles married Margery Bissett, heiress to some two thirds of the Glynns of Antrim in 1399.’


One more interesting page is:  (
which focuses upon the Lowry’s being of ‘Lowland Scottish origin’ (as opposed to being ‘Highland Scots’).  This website also says that :

‘The most frequently held belief is that Laurie is a diminutive of Laurence, which in turn is thought to derive from the Latin Laurentius meaning ‘of Laurentum’. It is also commonly ascribed the meaning ‘laurel crowned’ or ‘victorious’.’

This writer also says:

‘The ethnic origins of the name are a matter of ongoing speculation. However, populist opinion would have us believe that the name is either Strathclyde British or Norman French in origin. The area populated by the Strathclyde British ranged from the North West of England to Central and West Scotland.’
So, here comes a connection of the Lowry name to the ‘Starthclyde British.’


As you can see, there’s a variety of opinions on the origin of the Lowry surname and where they came from and how the Lowry name got to either Ireland or to Scotland.  It seems to me that the subject is still pretty uncertain – nothing is definate.

(Personally,  I think the name is more likely to be Scottish in orgin rather than Irish in origin.  I think there seems to be a record of Lowry’s living in Scotland earlier than can be found in Ireland.)

Finally, what about the Lowry’s of England?  Maybe they are related to the Lowry’s of Scotland and Ireland somehow?  Or maybe they took upon themselves the Lowry surname independently?


Well, maybe all of that information was a little confusing???!!!



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  1. 2 cool. Like your website. I was researching the Lowry’s as my sister-in-law swears the Lowry’s are Irish. I don’t remember where I saw it on the web, but I remember Lowry meant “Low-Lander”. So for years I’ve been saying “Y’know the Highlanders? We’re the other guys!” I’d be interested in knowing Mike’s lineage if he’s from Mid Country, There’s a great big pile of Lowry’s down here in Alabama, we can pretty much trace our line back to a couple of guys who got off the boat in Virginia. It kinda looks like our branch took the low road😉 … There were a bunch who “kept going” and we lost track of them out in Oklahoma. If you’re interested in more Lowry geneology, my sister made a pretty extensive study of our lineage as far back as 4 or 5 generations…

    P.S. Here’s a few more meanings for Lowry and few more ways to spell it…

    • To William Lowry,

      It appears it has been awhile since you posted but I thought I would take a shot here.

      My name is Caleb William Lowry and I was born in Ponca City Oklahoma. My fathers name is Ronald Dean Lowry and his fathers name is Everette (not sure if that is spelled correctly) Lowry. My father (Ronald) was born in Ponca City Oklahoma as well. Im not sure if his father (Everette) was born there too.

      If anyone has any info I would like to know, thanks!

    • Hello, I was reading your infor and I noticed that you said that you lost track of the “LOWRY” name when it got to OKLA. I am a Lowry and I ws born and raised in OKLA. Maybe we can help each other?
      If you are interested, send me an e-mail. I look forward to hearing from you. Rita Lowry Vaughn

  2. Hi, Read with great interest about the Lowrys. I am from the immigrant. William Lowry and Jenit Anderson. I have copies of William’s surveys of Elizabeth City County, VA. Also, if anyone is interested, there is lots of info in the Hampton County, VA Library in the Virginia Room re: the Lowrys. There was a little book that describes the appearance of William as being short, stocky, muscled, and redheaded. I would love to get a copy of that book or page as somehow I lost mine after visiting the library there.
    I would like to find out how this info was found about his appearance.

    Will also share my info.

  3. I am an American Lowrie (family has been here since 1792).

    Back in 2001, I chanced to speak to a woman from Glasgow, Scotland who was visiting some family here in Florida, and she told me that Lowrie is the proper spelling of our surname (in Scotland), and that the Lowrey spelling that most people here in the States automatically write down upon hearing the name, is just an Americanization.

    The Royal Burgh of Kirkcudbright is located in what is now Dumfries and Galloway. That, is at the very bottom of Scotland, and it borders with the Irish sea and Cumbria County in Wales – a hop, skip, and a jump from both Ireland and England.

  4. Greetings,

    My wife is a Lowry and I have done extensive research on the Lowry’s origins (including having visited their Clan Seat in Scotland). You have gotten very close in your analysis.

    However, I can fill in the Scottish connection (Clan MacLaren) if you are still interested. Drop me a line at and I will share what I know.

    S A Dingman

  5. Interesting. I live in England and whenever I give my name to somebody to write down, it is always, without fail, written as ‘Lowry’. As you can imagine, this constant misspelling of my surname grates a bit, but knowing the history and the fact that hundreds of years ago, the same thing used to happen is a great comfort!

    • Louise,

      Thanks for the comment on my blog.
      Yes people often spell my name with an “e”.
      I imagine you get people making a mistake a lot because of your first name –they probably spell your name Lois Lowry like the famous author.


  6. My mother’s grandmother was a Lowry. I remember meeting her when I was about 6 or so. We refered to her as our “Redheaded” Grandma, because even in her elder years you could see the red traces. My grandmother ,an mother also had red hair. My beard was red until it turned gray.
    My Grandmother always refered to her mother as being “Scotch-Irish”.
    I have traced my family as far back as; Melvin Lowry; b. circa 1750 in Virginia, and d. 1815 in Greenup County KY.
    The family branch migrated to IN an then IL.
    I have several theories about Melvin’s parent’s but only theories.
    Great Website

  7. I live in england, but i was born in ayrshire scotland, Robert Burns country. My family are Scottish but further back seemed to have lived in Ireland as well. This would seem to fit in with all of your research. Any Lowrys who have not done so really must visit Scotland it is beautiful. I have just spent two weeks there.

  8. I am a Lowry from Tipperary Southern Ireland. Yes, the information so far here appears to be correct i.e. we originally came from Scotland, came over to Northern Ireland and somehow my ancestors made their way to Tipperary. They arrived here around 1750 and had the knack of producing sons, so the name Lowry has multiplied quite a bit around here. Some of the Lowrys emigrated to U.S.A. following an eviction (widow and five children) in mid 19th century and eventually settled in Winconsin. We have lost all contact with them but last bulletion told us they all did well.

  9. I loved this blog.. I was looking for the meaning of my last name. and i cant tell you how many times my name as been mispelled. not only do they always try to add the E. some people are just flat out stupid. like they never learned how to sound out a word to read or spell. haha. Ive had things come in the mail for me spelled Leah Lawry Leah LWORY Leah lowery. So from now on anytime I am asked for my name to be filled out on something I just say, Lowry L-O-W-R-Y no E.
    This was very interesting I am going to forward the link to the rest of my family members. We are all in Oklahoma, a couple of us in TX.

  10. Wonderful blog. So good to hear from so many Lowrys. We seem to me the same clan – like many, all my family have red hair. Haven’t we spread around the world. As I said earlier I feel we originally came from Scotland, and travelled to the corners of the world. Quite a few families came here to Tipperary. Not all had good times and the Famine of 1845-1847 saw some of my ancestors emigrate to USA and Australia. I long to know if any of their ancestors are still there and perhaps someday I might hear from some of them. Keep up this blog please.

  11. My Lowry heritage goes back to just before the Rev. war in Pennsylvania. Family history shows that our Lowrys were german-speaking, married german women, lived in german communities and served in predominately german-speaking units in the revolution, War of 1812 & Civil war. There is speculation that our name was some form of “Lauer” in Germany & possibly originated from the Loire region of France before that but there are no facts to back that up. We have no info before 1735 in Pennsylvania & Maryland. I just thought I would offer a different Lowry clan to your blog.

  12. David Lowry,

    I am also from PA. I have PA Dutch ancestry, and my brother is David Lowrie. My line also came in during the 18th century, but from Scotland.

    What you have proposed sounds reasonable to me since I am very familiar with the linguistics of the commonwealth. Folks up home often called my mother Ms. Lahr.

  13. Hi:

    I’m a Canadian Lowry – my ancestors travelled from Ireland, but history finds that my Lowry connection does in fact go back to Scotland. And some think prior to that from the French Huguenots.

    I live in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, and there are numerous Lowry connections still in this area. My ancestors came here from County Down approximately 1823 and lived their lives in what is currently the City of Ottawa. I’m on the Board of Directors for a small cemetery called Lowry Cemetery. It’s interesting to find that there was so much movement of the Lowry connection from Ireland across to North America. What strong willed people all those Irish, Scottish and English people were to leave their homes for a strange unsettled land.

    • Hi Marlene,
      I would like to correspond with you. I’m a direct descendant of another Lowry branch who ended up in the small farming village of Rodney in Elgin County.
      But I think there was a family connection.
      You can contact me directly at
      Ken Theobald

      • Hi, Ken, Your email to Marlene landed in my email box.
        My Lowrys (laurie) came from Dumphrieshire but they came up the James River during or just after the James Town era.

  14. My gg grandfather Michael Lowry emigrated from Loughteeog, Stradbally, County Laois (formerly Queens) Ireland to Horse Cove/St Thomas, now Paradise, NL, Canada as one of its five founding settlers about l810. The spelling of the family name was changed to “Laurie” initially in the l928 Voters’ List by my grandmother Ellen after my grandfather James Lowry died in l924. The Laurie family are buried in the St Thomas RC Cemetery in Paradise, NL and may be viewed on Newfoundland Grand Bank genealogical page. Most of the lands initially taken are still owned by family members at Laurie Road, Paradise, NL Canada and elsewhere in the vicinity.

    The name is prominent today in Paradise, St John’s and Bell Island, NL. Canada.

    • Michael J. Laurie graduated from the law school at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C. on May 30, 1973, with a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) degree. In 2008, the University of British Columbia converted the LL.B degree to Juris Doctor (JD). Persons graduating prior to that date were given an option either to convert or not convert their LL.B degree to J.D, Michael J. Laurie in 2010, decided to convert his degree to JD because the LLB which followed the British tradition, was a misnomer in Canada since normally lawyers hold a Bachelor’s degree as an undergraduate degree and since the three-year program in law comprises of more work and study than obtaining a Master’s degree, the doctorate in keeping with the United States and other English-speaking countries outside the UK, should be and is now awarded by most law schools in Canada.

      Michael J Laurie

  15. My Father was Norman McLeod Lowry and my grandfather was James Lowry married to Mary
    My Lowry connection came to n.ireland at the time of the Jacobean uprising in scotland(The Convenanting Wars,
    apparently their ancestors are on grave stones in Dunfries ( I dont know where yet), 18,000 of them lost their lives in the struggle with Charles 1. Five Lowry brothers fled Scotland and landed with their horses in Donaghadee, N.Ireland one emigrated to American, one to Dublin, Ireland, and one to New Zealand. There was a marriage between Lowry and Casement thought to be connected with Sir Rodger Casement as a son of a William Lowry was Sir Thomas Casement Lowry.
    If anyone knows of this connection I wud be interested. The N.Ireland Lowry was my ancestor who settled in Bellevue, Ballykillaire in Co Down and they are buried in the Bangor Abbey and also Donaghadee Parish Church.

  16. I’m the Canadian Lowry who wrote recently on this website. I was just reading some of the other writings and lo and behold – red hair!!! My mother always hoped either myself or my siblings would inherit the red hair from our Lowry connection but alas not. My daughter has some red in her hair but more like a reddish brown. I think perhaps the red has died out of our particular family now. My uncle had red hair, but he died in WWII. Interesting though that there is so much red hair in that Lowry clan.

  17. Hello…My grandfather was Walter Biddle Lowry of Phiadelphia. Penn. He was a chaplin in the Spanish American war (He had red hair) and was somehow connected to Lowry castle in either Scotland or Ireland. He moved to Pasadena, California in about 1921 and was an Episcopal minister. Very interesting in how the Lowry family moved around. Any Lowrys (or Lowrey , on and old document) out there from Pennsylvania ??? Love to hear from you…Ta Ta………


  19. Shirley Lowry Voigt,

    I am a Philly native. My father and grandfather were both Henry William Lowrie (jr and sr, of course). Henry, Sr. was the son of John and Caroline. I believe that John was the son of Adelbert P. and Anna (Cloran) Lowrie. I believe that Adelbert may have been the son of Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice, Walter Hoge Lowrie. Walter’s Uncle, US Senator Walter Lowrie sure did look a lot like my uncle Tom. The Chief Justice was the son of Matthew Bonsall Lowrie, Mayor of Pittsburg, PA. He was the son of John L. and Catherine (Cameron) Lowrie, formerly of Scotland.

    • My mother is a Lowrie, great great granddaughter of US Senator Walter Hoge Lowrie. We have been to Scotland trying to trace Catherine Cameron further back (Oban and highlands Strontian etc) and Dumfries to the tower house of Hillis Mains and the Maxwell house (Mansion) near Maxwelton. Walter’s Father, John erected a headstone in Lochrutton that names his Parents and his Paternal grandparents and our family lore connects where John Lowrie grew up in Hillis Mains to the Maxwells in Maxwelton. I am trying to prove that, but cannot find William Lowrie parents etc. I know John and Catherine left in 1792, two adult children remained in Scotland and John worked for Matthew Bonsall, so named his second son after him. I actually have pages and pages of info….

      • Sherri:

        I am a 4th great granddaughter of Catherine Cameron. I can’t go further back on her but I have lots of branches coming down. May be interested in chatting with you.
        M Bourdelais

      • I just sent you a letter to which failed of course.
        There was much info about my ancestor WILLIAM LAURIE 1681-1780.
        I.m sure you can help with the stone in Lochrutton naming John Lowrie’s
        parents and grandparents.

        My email is Have free long distance service.
        Many thanks for your response.

        Kathleen Watkins in

  20. Hi. Just came across the website.
    I am from the Lowrys from County Down N. Ireland and have traced the family back to the early 1800s. If anyone thinks they may be related please get in touch. The problem in Ireland was that many of the records were destroyed in 1921 and the only records available are from the churches. We came from the protestant side.

    • I’m writing in response to Cecil Lowry. Are you connected to the Lowry’s that came to Canada from County Down, Ireland? My ancestors came about 1823 to what is now the Ottawa area (capital of Canada).

      Marlene (Lowry) Greene

    • Hello, I am a Lowry from OKLA. and my dads name was Cecil LOWRY, I didn’t get to meet his dad because he died when i was very young. Do you think that we might be related?

    • Cecil

      My family comes from County Down and my grandmother traced the family tree back to the mid-17th century

      Our family was mainly grouped around Ballymacashen, Moneyreagh and Ballygowan in upper County Down

      I have a fairly extensive tree — you branch could very well fit in there somewhere

      John Lowry

    • Hi
      Just found this site. I am researching Lowery (spelled several ways) from Ireland. My 2x great grandmother, Catherine Jane Lowery, was born in Donegal, Ireland, 9 Sept 1860. I believe her parents were William J. Lowery and Mary Jane Killen. The only record I can find for the birth of Catherine has the last name as Lavery. Catherine married Andrew Timothy Love, (born 25 Sept 1855), 18 Jan 1882. I have the Love family bible which gives the following information on the marriage:
      This certifies that Catherine Lowry of Laugh Easte and Andrew Love of Trummond-Bonds of Holy Matrimony at Killmard on the ninteenth day of January in the year of our lord 1882. In the presence of the Rev. Verner.
      I am unable to get any further back, or confirm Catherines parents. Andrew, Catherine, their son Timothy Harold (B. 1882) and (Rebecca Love-spinster-don’t know how she fits in) immigrated to Canada, via Quebec in June 1884.
      If this sounds familiar to anyone, or looks like it might fit with your tree, I look forward to hearing from you!
      Sharon Burkhard

  21. Hi, I’m from Connecticut. My maternal grandfather is Robert Lewis Lowrey. His ancestors landed in Boston in 1727. A booklet published in 1981 for the 100th Lowrey family reunion(in Connecticut) states that Thomas Lowrey came on a ship from Ireland (possibly county down) and they rescued people from a shipwreck, one of whom was Mary Lowrey (same surname) from Scotland. Thomas and Mary were married in 1731. They later migrated to West Hartford, Ct. Most of our family stayed in New England and New York. One branch moved to northern Ohio.

    This booklet basically gave me a complete lineage for my family back to that time. (no work there for me) But I’ve yet to try to investigate where in Ireland and Scotland my ancestors came from. When I have time to dig in, I will.

    • Hi

      I’m researching the Lowry’s in my family tree, Phoebe Lowry married William Keeshan, she was his 2nd wife, both came from Ireland….

      Phoebe’s (1855-1932) b. Delaware and died in Franklin, Ohio parents are Samuel Lowry (1819-1890) and Eliza Cherry (1834-1890)

      Samuel’s parents Andrew Lowry (1790-1838) and Mary Thompson (1790-1838) from Ireland

      Phoebe and William Keeshan had children of which one Walter Keeshan is my interest he married Cecilia Kile and I’m not sure what happened to Cecilia, either they divorced or she died, as their child Gordon was living with his grandmother Phoebe, Walter remarried to Mary…. If anyone is of the same family I’d love to hear from you to obtain further information on this family line


    • Hi Cheryl, I am also a descendant of Thomas and Mary Lowrey. Frederick Jewett Lowrey came to Hawaii in 1879, and the family has been here ever since. I came from Thomas and Mary’s son Nathaniel. I would love to have a copy of the booklet from the 100th reunion. Is it possible for you to copy it? Also, do you know the names of Mary’s and Thomas’s parents? Was Thomas Scots or Irish? Thank you for any help, Janet

      Janet Smith
      3908 Monterey PL
      Honolulu, Hawaii 96816

  22. the gaelic for lowry.albeit phonetically.He was St. Patricks’s adversary in about 432.St.patrick was captured by Irish pirates at about 16 and was put to work as a swineherd possibly in CO.Down.Thus learning both the language, and customs of the Druidic king culture.

    This enabled Patric to communicate and convert the Irish but not Lowry.
    This name is he Grail family hence the chalice like symbol on the coat of arms.
    Links breton royal family.
    German royal family, and previously French. Motto..Protect…The cross.

    Ta se ag labraith, he is speaking, Grail legendie king of speech.

  23. Glennis Turner is slightly wrong on several counts. It was Murray Lowry (b. ca 1745, d. 1805) of Ballynoe near Donaghadee who married Elinor Casement, sister of the GGfather of the famous (or infamous) Roger Casement. Their son was Maj. Thomas Casement Lowry, CB, of the Bengal Army — he was _not_ Sir Thomas as the tombstone in Donaghadee churchyard incorrectly states. Incidentally, that stone is beautifully preserved and very legible. Thomas’ brother James m. Mary McConnell of Ballymaconnell: there are almost certainly descendants alive today.

    • Hi Hugh thanks for enlightening me I have been trying to put together my family history and have visited the gravestones in Donaghadee as you say they are very well preserved . I have not looked into Murray Lowrys history but as he is on William Lowrys stone is related to my family.
      We come from what is now known as lowry lane/ lowrys hill where Lowrys farm used to be the old house named Belevue is still there. Have you any further information that could help me.
      thank you for your help

  24. My mother did extensive research of my Lowry lineage in Ohio and Pennsylvania. David Lowry helped settle Hamilton County near Enon and Donnelsville in 1795.

    The brought their parents (David and Lettice) from Somerset County Pennsylvania to Ohio in 1797.

    I found a newspaper article which claimed David Sr. was born in Scotland in 1724 and entered the US in 1763.

    Does anyone know how or if I can find passenger manifests or other data from that period?

    • Hi Miles

      Apologises if I have already asked you this, my family Lowery moved to Ohio from Ireland… Phoebe E Lowery whose parents are Samuel Lowery and Eliza Cherry if you want to be in contact as I have a feeling we maybe related, as I have a David Lowry in my tree whose parents are Andrew Lowry and Mary Thompson…

  25. I’m writing in response to Cecil Lowry. Are you connected to the Lowry’s that came to Canada from County Down, Ireland? My ancestors came about 1823 to what is now the Ottawa area (capital of Canada).

    Marlene (Lowry) Greene

  26. Does anyone know anything a/b the Lowrys in Mississippi? I know they came from somewhere in New England, then Tennessee, I believe, but I can’t get a hold of my family’s lineage research so far, as they live far away. Also, I have a cousin Miles, from my aunt Jane, and it would be weird if that was you. If it is, I would love to see what you and Aunt Jane have found. Oh, and I haven’t seen any redheads in the family, just blondes…

  27. Does anyone know about the Lowrys in Mississippi? I was told they came from Tennessee, and, before that, New England. They moved as part of an army, maybe during the civil war? i have no idea. I can’t get a hold of my family’s lineage research, as they live far away and tell me they have to dig for it anyway.
    Also, I have a cousin Miles, from my aunt Jane. It would be funny if that was you. If so, I would love to see what you and Aunt Jane have found.

    • Ashley Lowry,
      I had an aunt Jayne who died, after living much of her life in Virginia, probably 15 years ago… no kids. She was born the first of four children in Northern Ohio. She did not have any interest in our lineage except what could be found in a few books about Ohio during the frontier times.

      Are we talking about the same person?

      • -No, my aunt Jane is still very much alive, living in CA. She and my dad and family are from McLean, VA, though. Miles is Jane’s son. He lives in Maryland.

  28. So my grandfather traced us back to a James Lowry. It looks like he was born in Delaware in 1775. Yet we’re not sure where his family came from; we hit a dead end. We do know he married a Caterine. My grandpa was always told he was Irish but we have no proof. Anybody have any thoughts? My brother and I have red hair, if that helps!!

  29. My grandmother is a Lawrey, Dorothy Elwanda Lawrey. She had several siblings one was Vergie Lawrey. They both married Carsons, also Scottish and Irish background. I was told that the Lawrey family was of Ireland and that possible there was an “O” as in O’Lawrey or O’Leary and was dropped when they came to the states.

  30. Such a reading! Thank you all! I have done extensive research on my husband’s Lowry ancestors. They hail back from Utah via Virginia via Maryland and originally from Scotland (1600’s). My husband is one of 6 boys and also a redhead, as is our daughter. Thank you all for sharing your information!

  31. I was just looking at Ancestry and my ancestors originally belonged to the Church of Scotland – I imagine that implies they originated in Scotland but not sure. I do know they came to Canada from Ireland.

    Marlene Lowry Greene

  32. This is very interesting reading, however does anyone have any information on the Lowery/Lowry that immigrated to Australia. I am finding a lot of conflicting evidence and heresay along my family tree search due to names being spelt differently aswell as so many similar birth names eg. thomas, jane etc.

  33. In response to M Reis concerning an immigrant to Australia by the name of Lowry/Lowrey, I know that my great grandfather Edward Lowry,Born St John’s NL in l8l6 and died at Horse Cove/St Thomas, now amalgamated with Paradise, NL in l889 (see RC cemeteries in Paradise, NL), a son of MIchael and Irish immigrant from Stradbally, Count Laois (*then Queen’s) in l810, was a deep-sea sailor and boatswain on British ships all of his adult life. Family lore holds that he visited a paternal uncle who immigrated voluntarily or in chains, to New South Wales, Australia, in the l840’s. In fact, this uncle had a 60-acre potato farm and the potatoes were dug annually by pitchforks. My great grandfather stayed six months on his uncle’s farm in NSW when a young man but decided to return to St John’s, NL and the sea rather than remain in Australia.

    I understand the state of Victoria was then a part of New South Wales. Accordingly, my great,great, great Australian uncle might have had his farm in the area that subsequently came to be within Victoria State.

    Though I have diligently tried to make an Australian connection with any of his descendants, with such limited information, my searches have been unsuccessful. Could you be a link to assist me? Thank you!

    Michael J. Laurie
    Strathlaurie House
    48 Main Street,
    Wabana, Bell Island, NL
    A0A 1Ho
    Tel (709) 488-3818

    Mhicail Ui Labhradha
    Teach an Sraidlabhradha
    48 Priomhshraid
    Bhabana, Innis Chloig,
    Talamh an Eisc agus Labrador,
    A0A 1H0
    Tel (709) 488-3818

    • Hi Michael,
      thanks for your response, I will keep you informed if links are established – early days of researching.

    • Hi
      I know a family looking for their links to the Lowry family in Australia around 1800…they live in NSW


  34. In response to Marlene Lowry Greene. Sorry but I don’t know if any of my side emigrated to Canada in the 1800s.
    We are from the Downpatrick and Killinchy areas of County Down. I can get back to the mid 1800s but Irish records before that are very scarce.

    • My fathers name was Cecil Woodrow Lowry, I am Rita Lowry Vaughn, I live in Okla. I have two sisters.
      My dad passed away in 1981 in Shawnee, Okla.
      I would love to hear anything about the Lowry name….
      I am on FB….

  35. The surnames Lowry, Labrado, Laborde, Leybourne, etc. were originated in Ireland (Leinster) from the gaelic name LABHRADHA. I found more about our history in the Book of Leinster genealogies. The first Labhradha or Labhraidh was a hero named Moem (V century before Jesus). He was born in current Ireland and had tu run to current France because his father was killed by his uncle. In revenge, Moem attacked his uncle kingdom and kill him, founding the Leinster Kingdom (called Leinster because Moem’s army used a green spears to fight). He ruled Leinster during 17 years. When he besieged his uncle castle, an druid asked Moem’s messenger: Does he speak?, and messenger answered: He speaks (in gaelic: labhraidh). This is the “historic” source of our surname… wich means: he speaks or spokesman…but… I found the name Labhraidh before that: Labhraidh was one of the heroes of the “Tuatha de Dannan” the gods founders of Ireland, after the big flood. Labhraidh was, actually, one of the gods of old celtic culture… big responsability, ins’t it?

  36. I am a decendent of Thomas and Mary Lowrey from Scotland, 1728. They landed in Boston, moved to Hartford, Southington, then Vienna in Trumbell County Ohio around 1805.

    I would appreciate any info available.

  37. I’m a descendant of a line of Lowry’s that came to Canada from Ireland (Donegal I beleive). They moved to the Megantic and Compton areas of Quebec sometime between 1824 and 1841. They seem to have lots of connections with the family names McCrea, Evans and MacKay / MacKey. If anyone has any information on this line either from Ireland or Canada I’d love to hear from you.
    Kaitlin McCrea

    • Hi: I’m also a Canadian Lowry. My ancestors came to Canada in 1824 or close to that time. Settled in the Ottawa area. Many connections here but perhaps not them all. I know a number of them went West but I know of several who stayed around Ottawa. I’m on the Board of Trustees for Lowry Cemetery, a small cemetery in the west end of what is now the amalgamated city of Ottawa. Many of our connection are buried there. I do know my Lowry connection came from Northern Ireland. I’d have to look up where though. Keep in touch – Marlene Lowry Greene

  38. My husband is the Lowery connection. Yes, with an “e” but the spelling has changed a few times through the years – in the same family line! We have traced his direct line back to James Lowry (note spelling), born in Scotland, 1650; married Mary Bunchan of Derry (Donegal) Ireland in 1682; and both died in Derry, Ireland. They had a son Lazarus Lowry who was born in Ireland and immigrated to Marietta (York) PA where he married Elizabeth Campbell in 1721. Both died in PA. This line ended up in TN years later.

    James’ parents were Charles Lowry (note spelling), b. 1625 in Scotland and Lucy Gallager (born 1630). They married in Scotland in 1648. He died 2 years later.

    Charles’ father was Constantin Lowery (notice spelling), b. 1600 in Scotland and died in Ireland.

    This seems to follow the travel of “Lowry’s” between Scotland and Ireland. If anyone has information to add to this line, I would appreciate hearing from you and will share anything we have with you.

    Facinating information from everyone! Thanks.

    • I’m a Lowery and using my family tree starts exactly like the information you gave – did you use it too? I live in Ohio – My gg grandfather was James Lowery (1825-1902) who married Delilah Bantham.

      • Hi, I’m Jason Lowery of Portland Or and we seem to have a direct relationship rather we are of the same line.I have traced my line to the same spot in history and alot of our family is from Kentucky. This blog is truly interesting think of this If all us Lowery’ ,Lowry’s,Lowrey’s, Clan’d up again we would be formitable force lol. BTW my father is of a long line of short stalky red haird men.

        • Hi, I am enjoying the comments about the Lowrys on this site.

          I mentioned earlier that I found a booklet that describes William Lowry (Lourie) from Scotland as a short, stocky redhead. I wish there was someone who could go to the Hampton County Library in Hampton, Virginia in the Virginia room and find that booklet. I copied the pages but didn’t have them when I got home to Nevada. Lots of wishful hoping!!! Do any of you live close to there and would be willing to share?

    • I am interested in your info on James Lowry. What is the source for the info? I know I am descended from Lazarus. Betty

      • I have done extensive research at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, UT. I live in a suburb of SLC. They have so so so many records and books on this Lowry line. If there’s anything specific you would like to know, I can surely look it up for you. In the early Virginia days of Lazarus and his family, there are county records available….things like property deeds and wills. It’s all very fascinating.

  39. Hi Janet,

    I believe I have scanned in pdf’s of the booklet. Please send me your email address and I’ll get them to you. Email me at cherylcoppola*at* The booklet states that Thomas was from Ireland and Mary was from Scotland.


  40. All very interesting. My family name is Lowrey, Red River Parish, Louisiana. My aunt went Mormon and researched the tree to the early 1700s. Typical pattern arrival in the carolinas moving through tennessee, georgia, missisippi and hitting Louisiana about 1830s.

    Now this seems contrary to all originals but she claims the Lowrey name came from 3 french Huguenots brothers that William the Orange brought to Northern Ireland as mercenaries. Their french name escapes me but I have always been told it sounds french and being my mother’s side is pure breed coon ass it always tickled me.

    The Lowrey name seems to keep popping up in Southern Indian circles. I don’t know what percentage Creek my grandfather from Alabama was but he looked like a war chief. The Cherokee Sesquoah invented an alphabet and the first person he taught was his cousin, George Lowrey. I think he was also the chief that signed away their rights and set off the relocation to Oklahoma, The Trail of Tears. There was also a Lumbee outlaw named Barry Lowrey that was something of a folk hero and robin hood type during and after the civil war. Don’t know exactly the prominence but some Lowerys must of been big time slave owners because there are many black Lowreys. Around Atlanta is more often or not taught as a black name.

    I got a huge kick out of the Lowrey and Armstrong connection. I was so proud when I was ten a Neil was the first man on the moon and now who knows maybe we are way back kin.

  41. Sorry I have not been back on here for a while. In response to Rita and John.
    There may well be links as I know my great grandfather James Lowry came from Ballymacashin.
    Please get in touch with me on

  42. My GGmother was Elizabeth Lowry Nunn born 19 Mar 1801 in county Donegal Ireland and died 5 Jul 1890 in Baltimore Maryland. The family bible of her son ,Stephen Edward Nunn born 15 Nov 1836 at “Onley” the John L Norris farm in Harford County Maryland has the appended notation “wife of Stephen Elizabeth’s entry.There are no other records of my GGfather.
    Story is they were indentured to John L Norris. No imigration records can be found nor any birth / marriage information in either Scotland or Ireland.
    US census lists their son’s parents as from Ireland and Scotland.
    …appreciate any Info.

  43. I have many Lowry’s in my family. It is well documented by the Clan MacLaren of the Scottish Highlands that anybody with the surname Lowry (any spelling variation) is a descendent of the MacLarens. Please check out the Clan MacLaren website for more information. Also, Margaret MacLaren wrote a history of the the Clan going back hundreds of years. I own a copy of the book and the Lowry’s are mentioned many times.

  44. My sister Vicki Lowry Wade of Pittsfield, Illinois did a family geneology of the Lowry’s and traced us back to Ireland, but all I can recall is that we had a John and Desdamona in Tennessee in the 1700’s or early 1800’s. I lost my copy when moving. It never re-appeared after we moved. It had pictures and everything. I have just recently asked for a copy but since her house burned down. I am sure that it will not be a prority to see if her copy remains. I have another sister I need to ask for a copy if she got one too. She has moved twice since the geneology was done. If so and you have a Jon and Desdamona during that time period let me know. I’ll send you what I have.


  45. Catherine Lowry- Born scotland. My Grandfather John Lowry (80) is Canadian, moved to Scotland before he went to school however his uncles were from Belfast. I have found this very useful and I will now ask my family more about my family tree. So I Have canadian/ irish / scottish – however we dont have any known English relatives .

    • Hi Catherine: Did your grandfather come from an area around the City of Ottawa in Ontario, or perhaps from western Canada. Many Lowry connections of mine went west in the early 1900’s but my grandfather stayed here when his dad and brother moved out there.

      • Marlene,
        My family came from Ontario. (We are in Alberta now) I’d like to see if there is a connection. Please e-mail with me at tanyalowry at (I spelled that out so bots don’t pick up my email.) I have traced my fathers family back to Edward b. 1822 in Ireland and Susannah b. 1828 in England Lowry (Morris) They immigrated in 1843 and travelled from Toronto to Hoggs Hollow. That was information in the Emigration Service Fund. They had nine children that I have found in census records thus far.

  46. The Lawrey/Lawry family I am a member of was descended from John Michael Lawrey, born c1700, many generations living in Cornwall. Some descendant moved to America and Australia.

    It is possible, that Lawrey/Lawry is a variation of Lowry arrived from elsewhere around this time. One suggestion has been Devon, but with little record of this, it may be that they were not there long.

    Could they have come originally from Dumfries, and what might have cause the move? One possibility is the financial disaster of the Darien Company’s expedition to Panama 1695 – 1700 followed by Scotland being forced to accept union with England.

    Members of the family in Scotland would have been affected indirectly, if not directly my these events, making a move to Devon or Cornwall or Northern Ireland seem timely.

    • I’m a descendant of John Michael Lawrey born 1704 in Cornwall, married Margaret Margery Williams. If this is the same one you’re referring to, do you know his parents’ names? I can’t get past him in my research.

      Lorie Duke

  47. My “William Lowry” lived in southern Ohio in the late 1700’s and claims to have brought his father over from Scotland in 1724 to Pennsylvania.

    William settled near Springfield… a street is even named after him there. I have much research done by my mother about ten years ago, if anybody wants more.

    Does anybody know if the Highland Clearances were happening in the early to mid 1700’s and whether Lowry’s might have been expelled during that period?

  48. For what its worth Labraidh would be the beginning of the Lowery,lowry,lawrie,ect in Erin. After Labriadh meaning “He speaks”, our name went to Ó LABHRAÓ meaning “of Labraidh” from there we have 3 lines, Ó LABHRADHA BAN, Ó LABHRADHA RUADH, Ó LABHRADHA TREAN, meaning White, Red, and Strong respectively. All of our Lowry blood lines will inevitably end up here. Finding the pathway is the hard part:) As far as it it Scottish or Irish well over the centurys it’s both. However if you can make it as far as Ó LABHRADHA then you’ve done well!!
    ps. I’ve traced my liniage to Constintine Lowry born 1600 scotland but no further also i have found that the Lowry’s came to Ireland with Lord Forbes in the reign of King James (1605-1630). That would be the ulster plantation. Other than servants what other rank or title of family would Lord forbes bring with him? ie knights, sheriff ect. i think thats the info needed to get past Constantine Lowry.

  49. I forgot to mention that accourding to history Scotland was invaded by the Irish several times between the 5th and the 8th century’s and that might very well be the reason so many Lowry’s trace back thru Scotland.

  50. I have a half sister named Linda Lowery in England, last seen in Liverpool. I’ve never met her as my mother gave her up. Would like to meet her. My mothers maiden name was Dix. She was married and divorced from a man named Lowery. I still have some kin in England, not sure how to get in touch with them.

  51. my name is mary lowry my father was call bernard lowry i was born in co offaly ireland would love to talk to any one from the same place as me .

  52. Well.. just on a whim I typed in LOWRY just to see what was up…this has been too cool…My bunch is from the north VA, SE West Virgina are….grandfather was Samuel Clayborne Lowry and wife Alma Jane….moved to the Alderson/Hinton WVa area from somewhere in Northern Va….anyone got any info on that bunch?

  53. I am the rare Wisconsin Lowry, but have traced my ancestry back to a Samuel Lowry, who moved from Garardstown VA in the Shenandoah Valley to Champaign County OH in the early 1800s. I would love to learn more about his ancestors and other descendents. It is not surprising that Lowrys would later be found in England (especially the northwest) since Galloway and Dunfrieshire are both close to the English border and, of course, the Kingdoms have been united for several centuries. The famous novelist Malcolm Lowry descended from a family in Cumberland and the famous painter LS Lowry was from Lancashire.

  54. I am a Lowry from O Duffy Terrace, Tipperary Town Southern Ireland. My grandfather was living in Fr. Matthew Street, Tipperary I don’t know much about my family history but my older brother Donal knows loads. I know who Gay Lowry is in O Duffy Tce, but don’t know if he is related to us. Also there were other Lowrys in Fanagawn out the Bansha Road whom I think we were somehow related to and one of them has the same name as me “Catherine” and was in the same class as me in school. I’m sure she had my Intermediate Certificate results by mistake !

  55. Very good information and comments. The furthest I can go back is to William Frederick Lowrie, my 3rd g grandfather who was born 1809 in Washington, DC and married Margaret Elizabeth Sheriff of Prince George’s County Maryland.

  56. I am looking for any family members of Geddes K. Lowry born England 1929. He came to Montreal Canada in 1953 by ship, and on the passenger list gives his occupation as electrician.

  57. My branch of the Lowry’s is from Vermont via Antrim, Ireland. We spell our name Lourie. The name differences make it quite hard to track. My great grandfather, William John Lourie was born 1851 in Antrim, Ireland. He married Anna Louise Graham, an American. I think his father was Thomas Lowery, born 1814, but might be incorrect. It didn’t take long to get stuck on this. I know we come from Scotland at some point.

  58. What about the three Lowry brothers that settled in South Africa —-
    Harold,Sydney and my grandfather George Patrick Lowry.

  59. My surname is Lowry, from Ireland and I have had my DNA tested, It seems to be a misconception that the Irish Lowry family has Scottish roots. Genetically there are no Scottish markers in our make up and in fact we have close links to the O’Neill Sept. There was a small or petty kingdom in Northern Ireland called the Ui Labhradha which was situated in Ui Niall territory, as I am a descendant of Niall of the nine hostages I think we can assume that we were integrated into the Ui Niall kingdom, and the name O’Labhradha seems to be derived from the word Labhradha meaning spokesman or herald. As we are descended from this king maybe we were relatives who had performed minor duties on his behalf and our name comes from the literal words used to describe their job titles, such as the son of the spokesman or son of the herald as this is quite common with other names such as Smith, Fletcher, Fuller. This could be why our DNA markers point to our origins being north western Ireland, so no Scottish roots and not even on the right coast for the Scottish settler theory. If our surnames were derived from our working functions then it is quite possible, that a lot of people bearing the same surname such as Lowry, genetically might not be related.

    • Please don’t take this wrong sir, but I think you need to do a little more research. The O’labhradha name comes from Ireland for certain and thus the Lowery, Lowry and all other spellings come from this common. However O’Labhradha is a name that came down from the decendents of the Three Collas whose father and mother were the King and Queen of ALBA (Scotland). Their Uncle was the King of Ulster and another Uncle was the King of Connacht. So to say the Lowry’s have NO Scottish heritage is uninformed at the same time to say that all Lowry’s came from Septs in Scotland is also uniformed. I’ve spent the last 8 years researching and a certain truth has come about ALBA and ERIE share more than a troubled past they’ve shared bloodline’s thru the century’s. Scotland and Ireland have shared high Kings, as well as shared in the spilling of each others blood. We are cousins, sisters, and brothers throughout time. As it happens now I have blood cousins in Australia who are Ui Niall.

      Douglas Lowery
      Portland OR

      • My family name is Bawn-Lavery (although on official documentation “Bawn” is the surname used) from Moira, County Antrim. If you have the time, I’d be very interested in learning more about the decendents of the Three Collas and the King and Queen of ALBA. I am a history buff and new to researching my irish roots, I’ve “googled” O’Labhradha, but have just come up with the standard info and would love to learn more.
        Thank you for your time…..Colleen

        • High looking thru the books off the four masters and the annals of ulster you will find information on the Three Collas and their descendants. Also what got me looking there is a website called Irelands history in maps. I believe if you do a simple search within that website for info on the Three Collas you’ll find what your looking for. On a side note my family is heading for Scotland and Ireland next year for about a month where it will be my mission to find Lazarus Lowry’s parents, amongst a photo taking adventure of gravestones and other Lowry historically significant places.

  60. I’m a Lowry, but I’m stuck. I’ve traced my paternal line as far back as Basil Lowry born around 1854 in Ann Arundel County, MD. Does anyone have any information on the Lowry’ that are from Maryland?

  61. Very interesting info about the Lowery families. I’m a descendent of William Lowery, born 1810 in Ireland. He married Mary Lowery, born 1807 in Ireland. By the 1830s William and Mary were living in Portland, Maine. They had several children, including James Edward Lowery, born 1834 in Maine. He married Maria, born 1840 in Ireland. During the 1850s and 1860s William and Mary were living in the same building in Portland as their son, James Edward, and his wife. Also in the same building was Patrick McGlenchy. When James died between 1860 and 1870, Patrick McGlenchy married his widow Maria and raised his children. My great-grandfather, Dr. James Edward Lowery (1861-1945), was a son of James Edward Lowery and Maria Lowery McGlenchy. His siblings were William and Mary A. He was married to Hattie Jane Latham Lowery (1865-1946). After receiving his medical degree, Dr. Lowery practiced medicine in Sopris, Colorado, as a doctor to the miners. He later moved with his family to Napa, California. I’d be interested in any further information about this Lowery line, such as more distant ancestors.

  62. I’m a Lowry🙂 One with a lost past as to my Lowry ancestry, but maybe some other Lowry will see this,and help me find out where my bloodline flows. I’m told I have 6 half siblings all older than me. I’m a “Love Child” (Far preferable than Bastard don’t you think ) I was born March 17, 1965 yup born on St. Patrick’s day and you guessed it Kelly is my name. My father was having an affair I’m that product. To me the thought of having brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles a whole family history. Please, even if the immediate family wants no contact, at the very least to know my history. I know his name was Wayne A. (Alden) Lowry, we lived in Southern California. He was a cook for a while ( Army trained) then I heard he was living in Huntington Beach, working for the city putting up signs. I don’t have much information only a few stories, other than what was on my birth certificates I heard something about a grandmother from French Canada, she might have some connection to Spain. I met him once I was 13 years old, I had been looking for him for a long time, he was looking for me because he found me, he seemed so tall, we talked he said I was so much like him, he loved the beach, said he will always be along the coast my father found me, last thing he said is I had family and he loved me. I never knew till recently my mother had his letters to me destroy along with my letters to him and told me I was to NEVER contact him I was told by her it was HIS request and some other things that scar children for life. Please help me find my past, so I have more than just 5 letters stung together but a name with a past, history, something to be proud of.Well thats long enough

  63. I am a 5th generation Canadian lowery from Bowmanville Ontario. The story goes that we are originally from Scotland and as Presbyterians went to Ireland. Settled in the US (PA I think) and then moved to Canada as loyalists in the mid 1800’s. Great Great Grandfather was John Lowery. Recently went to Greyabbey, County Down in Northern Ireland and seen a cemetery with many Lowry’s in it. The dates were 1700’s. Would love to know where Lowry cemetery near Ottawa is. I am about 4 hours away.

    • So, my husband’s family recently had their DNA done. My husband is a Lowry….John Lowry from the 1800’s and then back to Scotland in Dumphries I believe. To all of our surprise, the DNA is almost completely Irish! So unexpected. Just wanted to mention it. does DNA now for about $90 if anyone is interested.

  64. My grandfather, Richard P. Lowry (1873-1937) immigrated from Kilkenny, Ireland to Lutcher, Louisiana. His parents were Edward Lowry (1825-1890) and Catherine Tobin of Castlecomer, Kilkenny, Ireland. He was the youngest of 12. I know two brothers were Michael (b. 1853) and Edward (b 1858). His grandparents were John Lowry & Margaret O’Brian, Lawrence Tobin and Catherine Doyle. I know that John Lowry’s parents came from Northern Ireland and that John owned and operated a coal mine in the Kilkenny area at one time.

    • my name is margaret harkin. i am trying to start a family tree. my dad gerald lowry and his two brothers edward and johnny and sister mary were born in leeds. all i know is that my granfather david lowry was married to catherine o kane from limavady co derry. catherine died quite young and my dad and brothers came to live in ireland. my grandfather and his daughter mary stayed in leeds. apparently my grandfather david had a second family of half brothers of my dads gerald. anyone any information for me

  65. Hello!

    I have recently been very into genealogy, and my 10th great grandfather was James Lowery born in 1650 Scotland. I just returned from there, and have pictures of the MacLaren clan lands, as well as the monument that shows where they stood at Culloden. I also have done 23 and me and it validated that I share DNA with a ton of Lowerys! I have been able to trace the line back to Henry Laurie (lowry, lowery, lawries) born in 1410, but there the trail gets cold.

    • Hi! My name is Michelle Lowry & i used to live in Wales & have recently returned to the states! So, i understand that you’ve had a wonderful trip! Would you be willing to share some of your photos & findings?

      All my best!

    • Shira,
      I am wondering if any of your information might fit my family as well. My trail goes cold when I cross the Atlantic to Ireland with my 4th great grandfather Samuel Lowrey, b.abt.1731, possibly County Ulster, N. Ireland.

    • Maxine,
      I wonder if your family and mine could be the same? I am trying to find birth records for Samuel Lowrey, b. about 1731 perhaps County Ulster, N.Ireland. Immigrated to America, date and ship, unknown.
      Michael Lowrey
      Birmingham, Al.

    • My great grandfather married my great grandmother and they dwelled in Florida Alabama area. His name is Horace Lowery. His daughter is my grandmother and her name was Quinell Lowery and she married a Johnson but died early with several children. I am very sure this speaks of my family line. I did research and guestimated the name could have been spelled in different ways.

      • We also have the French Huguenots which moved to northern Ireland for religious freedom.

        My grand mother said their Lowry family were part French, but I don’t know where that line comes in to.

        History also reports several wars when people moved back and forth between Ireland and Scotland.

        Some of the children may have been born in Ireland and siblings were born in Scotland.

        But I am presuming that the children took Ireland with Irish being their nationality.

        Maybe it was their spouses who added the “French” in their genealogy.

        MaryLu in Minnesota

  66. I seek records on a Samuel Lowrey (Laurie,Lougherie, Lowry, Lowery), b. about 1731, perhaps Ulster, N. Ireland. Immigrated to U.S.A. and married a Hannah Pfeffers (Peffers) in Virginia, U.S.A. approx. 1755.

  67. Looking for information about James Lowry born about 1778, father possibly William, who married Rebecca Dye, and eventually ended up in Columbiana County, Ohio. I can find information about Rebecca but nothing about James Lowry. I would welcome any help.

    • Sorry, I do not recognize the people you sent me. If you could go back a generation or two, we may find a connection.

  68. MaryLu (Kern)McClure March 13, 2016
    My mother was Luella Young. Her mother was Rosa A. Lowry. Rosa told her daughter that she had some French blood which I have not found. She was also Irish & English.
    (1) James Lowry born about 1800, died 1850; wife Lucy Smith
    The 1850 census has James in Delaware County, Indiana
    (2) His son, Thomas Nathan Lowry born November 6, 1835, died August 9, 1844. Wife Harriet
    (3) Their daughter, Rosa Annetta Lowry born October 7, 1871, died June 2, 1949. Married Harry A. Young in Le Sueur, MN.
    I have lots of Lowry information on the above, but have not found a way back to the “French” connection.

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