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Cultural Competence in Teaching Personal Safety and Child Protection

This is a great resource for keeping kids safe that I learned about through my job…KidPower. I bought the KidPower comic book for my girls and they’ve already learned alot about how to stand up for their own boundaries and keep themselves and each other safe.

Very interesting article as well about similarities in cultural differences.

Our baby #3 at two weeks old!

We need to apologize to all our family and friends for taking so long to post pictures of our newest addition to our family. Our difficulty naming her really threw us off. During this photo shoot, when Ella was 2 weeks old, and still unnamed, we just called here “Sweet-heart, Baby and My Love” Now, introducing Baby Lowry girl #3- Eleanor Alberta Skye Lowry – in all her glory! We call her “Ella SkyeIMG_3760Here are some of our favorites shots from a photo shoot our friend Nita took for us! IMG_3788-002 IMG_3828 IMG_3795 IMG_3811-011 Continue reading

Moscow’s Renaissance Fair 2014

One of the best things about Moscow is the “Ren Fair – Moscow’s Celebration of Spring,” each year at the beginning of May.


This year some highlights were the May Poll, the kid’s stage, the ropes course, the arts tent, the awesome vendors that come from all over the nation to sell their goods, the yummy ethnic food vendors, and…..Fairy House creation station. Hannah spent a couple hours making multiple fairy houses under the trees in East City Park.

Here are some pictures of her fairy house and some others she liked (she actually had me take pictures of each one she was so thrilled with it all).



Hannah and I created this one together. It was a really fun thing to do together :)





This was a clever idea, dried orange peels for little mushrooms!




This Fair House was a joint creation by Hannah, Kaiya, Dad and Mom.





Kaiya made this flag at her Gold Mountain pre-school. It was flying high at the kid’s sand-pit at the Fair.

And of course, last by not at all least, is the dragon that is there every year and was created for the parade. It’s up for the kids to run through it’s body for the whole fair. It’s magical for sure. Mike and I comment every year that this fair has been created by all the hippies in town. We can’t help but wonder if it will continue when all the hard core hippies of Moscow pass away. They make Moscow the magical and colorful place that we love so much.


Why I don’t need a pregnancy test to know I’m pregnant

Right after my first month I start to notice the following and connect the dots….

  1. I get a weird zit on my face somewhere
  2. I find myself nauseous if I lay on my tummy to sleep
  3. I can’t get comfortable in bed and I realize I have 5 pillows and Mike has 1
  4. I wake up gagging from a horrible smell, and then realize it’s my own breath!
  5. I wake up in the middle of the night itchy all over, especially my lower legs!
  6. I wonder why I’m getting up  to go pee in the night again and then realize it’s every 3 hours on the dot. Seriously annoying!
  7. I find myself protecting my stomach (from accidental bumps from the girls, getting in and out of the car etc.)
  8. I get really cold really easily and shiver alot
  9. I  can sleep for 12 hours straight (except for getting up every 3 hours to pee) and still crave more sleep
  10. Then “morning sickness” hits….who ever named it morning sickness by the way?? It’s 24/7 sickness, like having the flu, a stomach ache and mono at the same time
  11. My friend catches me in the Co-op drinking three different tummy drinks all at the same time…a “good belly” probiotic juice, a “momma Chia seed” drink AND Keifer
  12. I pep-talk myself past a guy who’s shirt says bacon strips 5 times….”it’s ok, don’t read the shirt, keep breathing and just keep walking….”
  13. My nose suddenly has super capabilities so that wherever I go, I try not to smell anything. Everything smells repulsive, from the food wafting out of someone’s house as I walk by, to walking into a restaurant or grocery store
  14. Nothing sounds appealing to eat so I find myself in a constant state of torture….I know I need to eat every hour so I don’t feel so nausious that I can’t eat, but I can’t find anything I want to eat that doesn’t make me feel nausious at the thought of eating it. Bread – nope, candy – nope, fruit – not usually, chips or anything deep fried – gag me. The only thing I enjoy eating on a regular basis is milk.
  15. For the only time in my life I want to drink multiple glasses of cows milk a day, and night (helps with the nausea, especially at night)
  16. I have the weirdest, scariest and most vivid dreams, like I’m in a movie theater…and I hate scary movies!
  17. I start asking questions like “why is God so mean?” and “why can’t the men at least feel a little sick too?” and “If people felt this sick in real life they would be in bed all day!”
  18. I look around my totally messy house and find I don’t care. It’s called survival mode…just take care of the critical
  19. I keep looking at the calender wondering how quickly 3 months can pass
  20. Tears come to my eyes as I thank Mike for all his help as I’m fully aware I couldn’t do this on my own

Yup, this is an official announcement :)…

Lowry Baby #3 will be born if things continue to go this well (hopefully better than these first 3 months) around August 10th 2014.

Our girls are thrilled at the thought of having a baby in our house so that makes it great. We had a dance party when they found out because they were jumping around shouting and hooting for joy! Meanwhile Mike and I would look at each other and get weepy. This pregnancy was not planned and was a complete surprise so it’s a sudden mental shift to think of all the myriad of effects this little one will have on our next year.

We don’t know the gender yet but the ultrasound showed healthy baby this week so that is always a wonderful thing to see!

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013 was magical for our two little girls.IMG_1454

This year we decided to stay home rather than make the usual long drive to see extended family. It was so restful and exactly what our family needed. Although we missed seeing everyone, we we were happy to have a peaceful Christmas at home. We filled the time together with laughing and playing. Here is a run down of all that we did during the holiday.

To start the Christmas season Mike and I arranged for a baby sitter so we could go on a date to the University Christmas performance. The highlight was a couple who have been playing piano duets for 35 years. They moved as one. It was awe inspiring. (I just had to include a video, but you might want to skip to the more fun tubing videos below).

The holiday for the kids started with a trip to the library so we could stock up on Christmas books and movies.


We made a gingerbread Santa Claus with four Rudolfs!



After setting out cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer we went to bed under the tree (Kaiya says Santa has magic powers to keep everyone asleep while he makes his deliveries).IMG_1471

Kaiya woke up once at about 3am and discovered Santa had already come. She was so excited and was earnestly waking everyone up. She was very good to listen to us when we said she needed to wait until sunrise.


Hannah was the first to wake up in the morning. Mike told her she could only look in her stocking  and wait to open her other gifts after Kaiya and I woke up. We were shocked with how patient and obedient our girls were on this very exciting morning. We were also very impressed with how grateful and enthusiastic they were with all their gifts. They loved everything they received and loved giving their gifts to Mom, Dad, and each other just as much as receiving their own gifts. It was truly surprising. Who knows how many more Christmases will be this easy! The morning was calm and peaceful because the first gifts they opened were “magic” coloring books that kept their attention for almost an hour! I played the piano while Mike snoozed on the couch until the girls were ready to move on to the next gift. Great job Santa that was a hit! Hannah’s next favorite gift was chewing gum in her stocking.  The wonderful simplicity of kids at this age. :)


Kaiya’s favorite gift was her beautiful new Christmas dress and an umbrella.


 They also loved the Fairy house they received from their cousin Abby.


At lunch we went to a cookie party at the neighbor’s house and delivered gifts to friends, including a brussel sprout tree to our friends the Johnsons.


The next day we went for a winter walk and found an icy pond to play on.

IMG_1480We went to Snowhaven our new favorite local ski hill. It is only an hour and half away and $25 for a full day of skiing and tubing! (5 yrs and under free) We stayed at the “Superb 8” which was recommended by a friend. The girls loved the pool and hotub.

Mike and Hannah spent the entire first day tubing. Hannah loved every run and never seemed to get tired or cold. She just wanted more and faster! She loved the jump and trying to pick things up off the slope on the way down.


Hannah’s reaction was this excited each time! This is a great video:

They went tubing from 11am – 4pm! Unfortunately Kaiya was sick from swallowing chlorine in the swimming pool the night before. She and I spent the afternoon resting in the hotel.
Kaiya learned her lesson… she can’t “breathe” under water.

The next day Hannah tried skiing. She spent the morning with ski-instructor Mom and the afternoon with ski-instructor Dad.

By the end of the day when Kaiya wanted to try going really slow, Hannah felt she could be the instructor.

Back at home the girls and I had a great time with another Christmas gift – Shrinky Dinks.



We took the girls to see their first movie in a theater this holiday. It was so fun to hear them laugh and cheer out loud in the theater. At the final climatic kiss scene Kaiya yelled out “Whoo hoo!” As we were walking out a women said our girls excitement made the movie for them. IMG_1514IMG_1515

It was a great Christmas, and like our girls, we look forward to next year!IMG_1475